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ClosetMaid® Launches KidSpace™

Designed to be affordable and gender-neutral to look good anywhere in the home, KidSpace helps kids take a more active part in getting and staying organized.
July 2017 Read More

New White Finish Added to the Impressions Collection at ClosetMaid

ClosetMaid, the industry leader in home storage and organization, recently added a new White finish to its Impressions line of do-it-yourself closet organizers. This elegant, bright finish is available online at The Home Depot.
July 2017 Read More

Parents Pick Up After Their Kids Nearly 1,500 Times Per Year

Home storage and closet organization company ClosetMaid has found that moms and dads are cleaning up after their children nearly 28 times a week.
June 2017 Read More

Wounded Warrior Gets Extreme Closet Makeover

Barbara Reich and ClosetMaid give U.S. Army Sergeant First Class Luciano Yulfo and his daughter Sonia each a much-needed closet makeover!
June 2017 Read More

Spring Cleaning: The 5 Expert Tips You Need To Declutter For Good

Katrina Mitzeliotis decided on the ClosetMaid SpaceCreations in Classic White to transform the second bedroom of her apartment into a walk-in closet.
March 2017 Read More

Building Smarter and Faster to Meet Modern Demand

Thinking creatively for solutions is key, which is why new products like the ClosetMaid ExpressShelf design and build, pre-finished shelf and rod system can be of great assistance. The ExpressShelf system can be installed fast – in fact, at a rate of one minute per foot.
March 2017 Read More

How to Create the Closet of Your Dreams

Having a disorganized closet is a problem for at least one in four women, according a recent ClosetMaid survey. Some women (1 in 10) are even depressed when they open their closet doors.
February 2017 Read More

An Organizer’s Strategies for 5 Problem Areas of the Home

If you’re planning a closet from scratch, remember to use as much of the vertical space as possible. For a DIY closet system, Sgrott-Wheedleton loves ClosetMaid available at Home Depot.
January 2017 Read More



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