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How-To Guide

Installing Wall Brackets

For wall-to-wall or wall-to-open installations, wall brackets are required to attach shelving to side walls. The type of wall bracket you will use depends on whether you are installing ClosetMaid’s SuperSlide® shelving system or wardrobe shelving. Easy-to-use templates on hardware packaging can be used to position, mark, and drill for the wall brackets you need (or print this page and cut out the template for your type of installation, SuperSlide® or standard).

Both wall brackets install the same way. After installing your wall clips and snapping the shelf into place, position the template at the front lip of the shelf (the shelf lip may extend below the bottom of the template). The shelf should rest on the shaded area and be level (use a level to make sure). Drill your holes, lift shelf, and install wall brackets. Then just lower the shelf into place. For SuperSlide® installations with 16"shelving, the bracket will be placed so that the first wire rod from the front lip (about 12" from the wall) is aligned in the top "U" shaped mark. This allows for proper placement of the SuperSlide® hanger bar supports and hanger bars (see Installing SuperSlide®).

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